We could not stop raving about the food show. We had such a wonderful time. We absolutely loved the customer lounge area.  It was our best show ever!

- Robbi & Suzy C. - Cocolalla Bible Camp


It was a great show and I know for a fact that my vendors saw increased sales from previous year. I hope to see next year’s Key Impact presence even greater! 

Ryan S. - Key Impact


Nice job on the show! The customers were very engaging and interested and very well attended!

Billee Jo.  – Westminster Crackers


The turn-out for the URM Food Show was very good and customers were well interested in products and promotions. The aisles/booth were large which worked out well with large groups, also love that it was a buying show. Very few shows allow customers to buy 

Jack S. - Sugar Foods


Hormel’s overall experience at the show was great! Customers had a good time and loved having their reps available to discuss product deals and new application ideas. Set up and show was extremely easy and organized.

Shanteria H. – Hormel Foods



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