Merchandising Increases Sales

Effective merchandising contributes to increased sales, which in turn helps maximize profits. Understanding the entire process of acquiring the right number of products, at the right price and right time, and displaying them appropriately in stores are critical strengths of retail merchandising. Stores that merchandise well can establish a lower cost and sell at high price points by meeting customer demand.

Customer Loyalty

Merchandising can also contribute to the development of loyal customer relationships. Part of merchandising is awareness of when demand for one product ends and demand for another begins. Keeping fresh assortments and attractive displays motivates the end customer to buy more product. Building customer relationships are key to long-term success.


As with any significant business function, merchandising has costs. Retailers normally pay merchandisers. Large chains often have full or part-time merchandisers on their payroll in each store. Paying associates to set displays, move products around and sell to customers is an expensive part operating a business. At URM our merchandising is provided at no cost to our customers.